Why should Christian artists and musicians continue to create new content? What motivates them to create? Why do Christians need new music? Why do you need Watchsong?

I wanted to find a creative way to share the vision and mission of my website, Watchsong.com, as well as encourage Christian artists that they are vitally important. That’s where this short film comes in.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting some more in-depth commentary about the film and some of the themes it presents. But first, I need to give credit to several people who made this film possible.

The “MVP award” goes to my friend Shane McMullin at NINTH HOUR Productions for bringing this project to life with such amazing skill and creativity and for the hours and hours he spent shooting, cutting, and editing this film. He also had to put up with me and all the crazy ideas I had, most of which he magically made happen.

Special thanks to: Christian Mülhauser (chrigu.org), who graciously let me use a few short clips from his stunning film Madeira; Doug Young (dougyoungstudios.com), my good friend, who let us shoot in his very unique studio space; and Fred Coleman, my pastor, mentor, and friend, who helped me think through the historical data and has always encouraged me in my writing.

Thanks also to: my friends, James Harris, Brian Pinner, Chris Barney, and Ben Fetterolf, who proofread my script and were very encouraging in this project; Ken Beale, who lent us his skill and expertise for an entire day in the mid-July heat working cameras and lighting for a Snickers bar and a verbal IOU; and my wife Heather, who also braved the heat to assist us and made sure you couldn’t tell how hot it was when you watch the film.

The end credits song is A Broken Vessel from Watchsong Music. You can find a lead sheet, lyrics, and an mp3 demo on the Music page. A full recording will be available soon on Watchsong.com.


About the Author Paul Keew

Christ-follower, husband, father, composer, hymnwriter, singer, creator of Watchsong.com, fellow-struggler in the fight for joy...all by God's grace.


  1. I’ve been saying for years that God is like the facets of a diamond, each one of us, created in His image, displaying just one tiny facet of Him. (or, rather HE displaying His splendor through each of us). But I could never say it right – and nobody listened. Thank you for saying it so wonderfully, Paul. Now I can just send my friends the link to what you said in your video clip. So beautifully stated – like your hymns. O God My Joy has touched me more than I can express, and everyone I send the words to is equally affected. Thank you thank you thank you thank you Father for the beauty, exressed in this song. Paul, you truly reflect the Father in this piece. Can you tell us how you came to write it ?

    1. Thanks for your encouraging comments! I have plans of saying more about the song in an upcoming blog post, but the short version is this: God took me through a period of repentance and restoration years ago where He really woke me up to my apathy. Somewhere during that process I was introduced to the ministry of John Piper, and his writing and preaching deeply impacted me, particularly his thoughts about fighting the “joys” of sin with the infinitely greater joys found in God. It really resonated with me. The song is a freeze-frame of some of the lessons God taught me during that time. I’m thankful for my friend Brian Pinner who helped me refine the poem.

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