A re-directed journey

I just completed my sixth Sunday leading music at Colonial Baptist Church in Virginia Beach, VA. If you would have told me a year ago that I would be doing this today, I would probably have laughed (or perhaps backed away from you slowly, with a strange look in my eyes). A year ago, I was searching pretty desperately for the next step in my life. I was searching in every direction for that next step–except vocational ministry. Truly, the Lord works in mysterious ways! The nearly year-long journey through which He has led my wife and me, has left us utterly confident that we have followed our Lord here. And these have been six weeks of His continued affirmation to that fact.

A unified vision

I also never imagined a year ago that I was forging a bond with this ministry as I was making a short video over 400 miles away. The video we put together for Watchsong struck a deep chord with the leadership here and exposed a common goal between us: the desire to build unity through inter-generational worship. I am thrilled to be working with men and women who love Jesus, love His bride (the church), and are zealous for her joy!

A course for the future

I am constantly reminded of the need to give attention and care to inter-generational worship. Recently after a service, a dear lady told me, “Thank you for bringing back some of the old hymns. This new music is ‘okay’…but the old hymns are just so good!” I wonder if she knows how meaningful this new “okay” music is to me and many others in the congregation. And I wonder if the “new music lovers” understand how meaningful some of the old (dare I say “hokey”) music is to many others in the congregation. I have a responsibility to serve this particular local body as I make music choices every week–and what a wonderfully diverse body we are! This presents many challenges for building unity. And I am grateful to be on this course with many people who want to do so.

I am also grateful that Watchsong is now a part of this new journey. The goal of Watchsong has always been to serve the local church. Now, I can turn all of my attention to this goal. Everything I do and experience in my “day job” will help make Watchsong even more meaningful (and, I pray, somewhat helpful) to those who are thinking through similar issues.


About the Author Paul Keew

Christ-follower, husband, father, composer, hymnwriter, singer, creator of Watchsong.com, fellow-struggler in the fight for joy...all by God's grace.


  1. We are very thankful that the Lord has brought you to Colonial…It has been a joy and blessing getting to know you and Heather, our brother and sister in Christ! We are so very thankful too for how God has equipped you for such a time as this and for the wonderful blessing you both have been in the short time you have been in the “family” and body at Colonial! We are looking so forward to serving and growing with you as we get to know you better!

  2. After meeting you and having a short conversation in the church office, I am convinced of the following things;
    A) You are walking with the Lord.
    B) You really enjoy working with people.
    C) You like the many “styles” of praise and worship music.
    D) You have an active sense of humor.
    I am glad to have you as part of the team at Colonial.
    Thank you,
    Marty Rogers, member and opinion giver.

  3. As one of the “gray hairs” of Colonial, I would like to add my input regarding the newer music. I love it because it makes me THINK about what I am singing; not just singing by rote! There is certainly nothing wrong with the old standards, but when I hear and sing “10,000 Reasons”, it makes me really think about all the reasons to praise Him!!! Thanks for your skillful blend of the old and the new!

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