A Year In Review…Lord Willing!

The Pre-Post

So, I started off yesterday with the goal of sending out a timely “year in review” post, and I finished off yesterday with the disappointment of not sending out a timely “year in review” post. Somewhere in between, the Lord had to deal with my idolatrous heart.

You see, I tend to look at people or companies that seem to be very productive and successful, and desperately want that for myself—so desperately, that I would sacrifice my relationships with God and others on the altar of productivity. That’s idolatry. And that’s what God in His mercy showed me yesterday when I didn’t get this post finished.

A few months ago, on New Year’s Eve, my wife and I were up north skiing as part of our anniversary weekend when she broke her wrist. Not only did this put a damper on some of our plans, but with the soreness of her fresh injury, I had to do just about everything for her. I was utterly shocked at the ugly rebellion and selfishness that rose up in me that first day or two. But as the Spirit helped me to submit my plans and desires to God’s, a real joy settled in. And even though January was one of my least productive months ever for some of my personal goals, it was one of the happiest in recent memory.

Now that my wife’s wrist is all healed up, it appears the cries of my old “productivity idol” are getting stronger again. But my productivity belongs to God, and He has the right to make any interruptions in my life that He wants to. My wife reminded me of something Jim Binney once said when he realized something about all the people that would interrupt his plans in the ministry: “These interruptions are my ministry!” God breaks in through various means to remind us that He and other people are more important than things or goals.

The Post

A year ago [yesterday], Watchsong.com was relaunched with a new facelift and some grand goals! While I am slightly disappointed that I didn’t reach several (okay…frankly, most) of those grand goals, I am thankful to the Lord (now, considering the Pre-Post) for what He allowed me and my friends and fellow-creatives to accomplish.

Added several new songs to the site

This, after all, is the purpose of Watchsong: to share with God’s people the songs that God gives to us. I am grateful for the wonderful people with whom I’ve been able to collaborate, and I’m just as pleased to share some great songs that others have written.

Started Watchsong Blog

You’re looking at it. Thanks for stopping by! As the Lord allows, we’ll bring you interesting, relevant, or just plain fun content. Consider signing up by email or RSS feed!

Made a movie

This short film was originally a creative way to state Watchsong’s mission, but I’ve heard many stories about how this has helped people in their thinking about music, worship, and creating new things for God’s glory. The Lord had bigger plans for it, and I couldn’t be more pleased! It also kind of helped me get a job…but that’s a story for another post…. I’m so grateful to Shane McMullin for making this happen. He has recently experienced some much-deserved recognition for his work!

Made more friends

Thanks again to those who have joined Watchsong’s Facebook page! “Like” us there, and stay informed about everything new at Watchsong. You can also follow us on Twitter. Just look for our handle: @WatchsongMusic.

The Post-Post

So, what will this year bring? Well, I have some goals (several recorded songs, several new choral octavos, several new hymns, to name a few), but I’m going to let God interrupt those if He wants to. May His name be praised and His will be done!

“Come now, you who say, ‘Today or tomorrow we will go into such and such a town and spend a year there and trade and make a profit’–yet you do not know what tomorrow will bring. Instead you ought to say, ‘If the Lord wills, we will live and do this or that.’ As it is, you boast in your arrogance” (James 4:13-16). “But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you” (Matthew 6:33).


What’s New at Watchsong

Here are a few things we’ve been up to recently!

New worship song posted: The Light of Your Life

My good friends Ben Fetterolf and James Harris have agreed to let me share their song with you here on Watchsong. It contrasts the light of God with the darkness that we were in before He rescued us. Take a look and listen on the Music page.

New demo recordings

I’ve updated the demo recordings for See the Christ and I Will Make My Boast in Jesus. They are both live recordings from a small worship gathering with friends. I hope these will give a better idea of how the songs work in “real life.” I’ve also added an audio preview of the Galkin Team’s recording of Shout Out for Joy (Psalm 66).

Watchsong store now open

For four years now, I’ve been offering the recordings of O God, My Joy and Chosen as His Children for free, which I was happy to do even though I paid to have them professionally recorded and mastered. Well, I’m afraid the 4-year sale has finally come to an end.

These are the first two purchase items at Watchsong, and that means there now is a way to purchase them! Clicking on the “headphones” button for these songs (back at the Music page) will automatically take you to a product page where you can add them to a shopping cart and head for the checkout. It’s easy as pie and completely safe with PayPal‘s trusted checkout service. For a detailed guide to purchasing and other helpful info, just click on the link “How do I purchase and download music?” under the navigation tabs whenever you’re on the Music page.

If you have already downloaded the mp3 recordings of O God, My Joy and Chosen as His Children, they are yours to enjoy! I humbly ask, however, that you direct others to purchase them from Watchsong.com in the future rather than making copies of yours. Your support will help keep more top-quality products coming!

For the more nerdy among us…

The mp3s you purchase from Watchsong.com are encoded at industry standard levels and embedded with all the information they need to look great on your media player (like iTunes)! For more specs, click here.

New “Skin” for Old Truths

With the new songs (see earlier “3 New Songs” post) came some new demo recordings. They were a bit experimental for me, but I wanted to give you a flavor for the dramatic potential of the songs (me trying to play the guitar just isn’t very exciting, as you know!). My plan is to re-outfit most of the songs on the site and then try to put them together into a CD. The one “old” song I re-recorded for the site release is This Day It Is Complete. I’m excited to reintroduce this song, and I hope you find it worth your attention.