New Song Recording: A Broken Vessel

New song_Broken Vessel

My friend and colleague James Harris first sent me this text back in 2009. For whatever reason, it escaped my attention until January of 2012 when I rediscovered it and took a good look at it during a morning devotional time. This doesn’t often happen, but as I read through the words, they sort of sang themselves right off the page! I went over to the computer, sketched out a basic recording and lead sheet, and zipped them over to James (who promptly informed me that his brother wanted the recording as soon as it was available).

Well, Kendall, the long wait is over! Follow this link to download “A Broken Vessel.”

This is also the first song on the site that has a backing track available. Just look for the blue “CD” button with the song resources. Only the original recorded key is available at this time.

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 5.42.10 PM

Some of you may be interested to know that all of the recording basically happened in my home studio (which is a Wal-Mart folding table with an iMac and a Yamaha digital keyboard, tucked away in the corner of our all-purpose 2nd bedroom). This gets the geek in me all excited! The only instruments recorded on a live mic were voice, acoustic guitar, and shaker (which were also recorded at home). Currently, I’m using Logic Pro 9 as my DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). Logic’s built-in piano and guitar patches are very nice. For woodwinds and strings, I use Vienna Symphonic Library (Special [meaning basic] Edition), which in my opinion has the most realistic string patches available. I saved each of the recorded tracks as high-quality wav files, which were pieced together and mixed by Gary Emory at his studio, Brightwater Digital, in Greenville, SC.

If the song sounds familiar, you may remember it from the end credits of our short film.

Lord willing, this won’t be the only song recorded and released this year. Keep in touch, and thanks for your prayers and support!


Exalt CD for Utah church plant

My friend Jonathan Jarrett has just produced a worship album that I think you should buy for several reasons:

1. Buying the CD will donate to help him as part of a church planting team in Salt Lake City, Utah! Read more here.

2. It’s a great album! Jonathan’s artistry on the keys is brilliant and so is Brad Joiner on guitar. These fresh arrangements accompany congregational-style group vocals on most of the songs that will have you singing along. In fact, you can hear it for yourself here!

3. I had a small part in helping on this CD! Actually, that’s the worst reason to buy it…but if even one person buys it for that reason, I’ll be grateful for that small part I had in helping Jonathan!

As a composer and music-tech-dabbler, I love the fact that much of the album was recorded and mixed “in house” using Logic Pro. I added strings to a few of the songs using what I believe is the best instrument sampler for strings on the market, Vienna Symphonic Library. Listen for the solo cello in the last two tracks on the album (“Wonderful, Merciful Savior” and “How Sweet and Awesome is the Place”). Not a real cello. Ha! Fooled you! Well, some of you might have been able to tell that it wasn’t a real cello, but I think it’s pretty close for a sample instrument! And that gets a nerd like me excited!

So, anyway…buy it! Donate! Enjoy, and be blessed!